Worry Dolls

Traditionally worry dolls are made in Guatemala. They’re tiny little things, less than an inch tall, and they usually come in sets of half a dozen, colorfully dressed in scraps that represent different occupations and regions. Often worry dolls are packed in colorful cloth pouches or handsome carved wooden boxes.

Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls

Worry dolls are also known as trouble dolls, and are thought to date back to Mayan times. The belief is that if you have trouble sleeping, you can confide your worries to your worry dolls, stash them under your pillow and they will take over the task of worrying for you while you get a good night’s rest!

Worry dolls are a popular souvenir among tourists traveling to Guatemala since they are low cost, portable and very unique. They’ve also been used with some success in pediatric therapy, where some hospitals use them to prepare children for surgeries or other medical procedures. The UC Davis Cancer Center has used worry dolls as therapy with pediatric cancer patients, encouraging the children to make their own worry dolls in the shape of their fears at special art therapy sessions. In the middle of the night, the worry doll is slipped from under the child’s pillow, thus helping reinforce the child’s belief that the source of his or her worry is gone.

Many adults use worry dolls too. Chronic worrying can be quite injurious to one’s health. The bad health effects of stress can include nail biting, teeth grinding, sleeplessness, procrastination, an impaired immune system which causes you to catch frequent colds, and a drive to do anything to get rid of that stress, including overusing alcohol and drugs to relax. If worry dolls can help you worry just a little bit less, they’re worth trying.

Can worry dolls help you find no worries quotes on no worries loans? Probably not. But the Internet can: Try typing the term into the search box of your favorite search engine and see how many hits come up. There’s no need to use worry dolls to improve your short term money flow; there are many other options for doing that.

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